Hugh Roberts – Author

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Glimpses is Hugh’s first published anthology and as many others have said, it is an intriguing read.

So many of the stories start in familiar settings: a tube journey, the purchase of an Easter bunny, the acquisition of a lipstick, a car boot sale.

From these mundane beginnings Hugh twists his characters in ways that suggest, deep within that lovely man lives a real beast. Horror is perhaps the genre that most springs to mind, but don’t think this is a limited selection. There’s drama, pathos, sci-fi and fantasy to name a few. But for me it is the humour, the word play and beautifully penned characters that show he is the master of his craft.

Hugh is undoubtedly at his best in his multi-part shorts. The Truth App is a joy as it rolls across the years leaving you wondering where it will end, or indeed begin, as Hugh…

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