Calling all authors…again

In 2016, I had the distinct pleasure of posting interviews with over 80 authors in a 6-month period. I want to do this again in 2017. My 20 Questions series was one of the post popular features on my blog.

If you are an author and you want to be interviewed on my blog, this is an invitation to do so. The format for this year’s interviews will be to ask you ten questions. The questions have a bit more depth than my 20 question format from last year. They are also designed to tell us more about you and your process as an author. Many of my followers are also authors and I would like this interview to be informative as well as promotional.

After answering the 10 questions, I’m giving you an opportunity to promote whatever book or books you would like to.

I’m planning on posting the interviews once per week on Mondays beginning somewhere around the 2nd week of January, depending on the response.

All you have to do to participate is email me HERE and I will respond with the questionnaire. Once I receive the completed questionnaire and the other requested information, I will let you know when you are scheduled to have your interview posted so you can help spread the word.

I look forward to learning more about many of you.



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