Why ebook blogs are at risk

I read with interest Nate’s analysis in The Digital Reader on the Great Ebook Blogger Culling of 2016. Five major blogs, including TeleRead, shuttered or vastly curtailed. Why? I have a different take on this from some people’s: The demographics simply aren’t right for bloggers to maintain this as a niche.

Let me explain. I got started with ebooks probably about as early as one could have, reading on a Palm Pilot back in the Fictionwise days. I’m now in my late 30s. So why did I vastly curtail my blogging habits this year? It was only partly a financial decision—I had a baby. And my fellow TeleRead contributor Susan did as well.

So that leaves the younger folks and the older ones. And anecdotally, I wonder how many of them are reading ebooks these days. My millennial-aged sister swears that none of her friends like ebooks. They take classes on

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