Meet Guest Author Lynda Horner…

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lyn-in-cat-shirt-largeI’ve been writing for over thirty years, as a hobby much of that time. You see, I write mainly romance, and for a long while I was embarrassed to admit it to anyone but my husband. Foolish of me when I look back at that period, but a fact I can’t escape.

Trained in the visual arts, I worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor in Minneapolis, where I grew up, married and had my children. When my husband accepted a company transfer to the Chicago area, I quit working to stay home with our two young kids. However, it wasn’t long before I grew bored. Hunting for an illustrating job and trustworthy child care didn’t appeal to me. Plus, my hands were becoming weaker due to a genetic neurological disorder, impairing my drawing ability.

So, I took up writing as a creative outlet. I’d always loved to read…

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