How To Write Better Stories: Endings

Dan Alatorre

head shot your humble host I was pretty sure J. K. Rowling was over hyped until I read one of her books. Now I’m taking you through examples of her great storytelling methods you can role model in your writing, using Rowling’s Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets as a reference.

Follow along as I tell you what I like in “real time,” show you things you should try to do in your own writing – and identify some stuff you probably shouldn’t do, too.

Endings: when do you end your story?

Isawit in the first book and I’m noticing it here, that the story tends to go on a little bit longer than it needed to. Again, since it’s popular there’s no reason to knock it, but once everything is finished, why not just end the story? I’m not sure we learned much in chapter 18 that we…

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