This week in Indie Publishing

art1Want to Succeed at Self-Publishing? Write in Your Own Voice: Tips from an Indie Author

At age 78 and as the oldest prosecutor in California, Timothy Oliver Stoen decided it was time to write his memoir to “give hope to people who have made huge mistakes in their lives—to give them hope that their lives are not over.”

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Meet the Self-Published Stars of 2016

When Publishers Weekly launched BookLife, a website dedicated to indie authors and self-publishing, it was with the goal of finding and promoting great books by independent authors. We wanted to find professional-quality novels and memoirs, children’s books, and general nonfiction—titles that would likely and unjustly be overlooked because they were self-published.

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Books Issue 2016: Finding self published books you actually want to read

You’ve probably read (or tried to read) a self-published book. You probably know someone who has self-published a book.

I love to read but I struggle finding self-published books I want to read. Trust me, a glut of self-published books cross my desk. Oftentimes, self-published authors give away their e-book for free on Amazon (it drives up their bestseller ranking and yes, as a conventionally published author, I do think this is cheating, but it’s a way to try an author with whom you’re unfamiliar).

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AAP Sends Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) sent a letter to President-Elect Donald Trump this morning.

The letter, signed by Allan Adler, general counsel and vice president of government affairs for the AAP, runs five pages and discusses, in part, why effective copyright legal protections are critical for publishers; how publishers make significant societal contributions; China’s “failure to live up to its commitments to lift restrictions on foreign investment in publications importation and distribution”; and why Congress must fix the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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Self-published author opts for print over digital

It’s tough to write a book. It’s even tougher trying to sell it. For many writers, the publishing process can be an uphill climb. Traditional publishing routes are highly competitive and, for children’s books in particular, many publishing houses aren’t accepting manuscripts from new authors.

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