Fictional Friendships: As Hard to Forge as Real Ones

Legends of Windemere

Minion! Minion!

I was trying to find a way to bring up this subject in a fun way. Your definition and requirements for friendship might be very different from mine.  Even in fiction, you might see somebody as a bad friend to the protagonist while I see them as a good friend.  A very fluid topic that plays a major role in The Spirit Well.  So, I’m going to pose a question, answer the question, and see what people say in the comments.

  1. How important to you is friendship in fiction?
    As a writer of ensemble stories, this is a core focus because your heroes need to be friends to some extent.  Yes, you can have tension and squabbling, which puts a few more in the category of coworkers.  A Wolverine/Cyclops type of relationship where they butt heads in private matters while backing each other up on the battlefield.  It…

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