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Local author talks self publishing, kids book

Sheboygan author and attorney Mary T. Wagner cannot pinpoint the exact moment she decided to pursue children’s literature, but it was her daughter’s work as a circus aerialist that inspired imagery of the big top life, and then she found the perfect protagonist after striking up a bond with her son’s cat, Finnigan.

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art2Publisher Jonathan Marcantoni Seeks Latino Books Outside ‘Usual’ Themes

Jonathan Marcantoni is a Puerto Rican novelist and publisher of the recently created La Casita Grande Editores, an imprint of Black Rose Writing, which specializes in Latino and Caribbean literature. His books “Traveler’s Rest,” “The Feast of San Sebastian,” and “Kings of 7th Avenue” deal with issues of racial politics and corruption in both the Puerto Rican diaspora and on the island. “Tristiana,” due out in 2017, will be his first Spanish-language novel.

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Publishers Rushing Books on Coping with Trump’s Election

Following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, at least three publishers are rushing out books targeted to help readers who oppose Trump to cope over the next four years. Two of the books—What We Do Now: Standing Up for Your Values in Trump’s America from Melville House and The Trump Survival Guide from Dey Street—will be in stores before Inauguration Day, set for January 20. The third, Radical Hope, will be released early in Trump’s presidency by Vintage.

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Guess Who’s Publishing Superhero Books By Indie Creators & Marvel Vets

Would you ever think Al Milgrom — famous for his work on mainstream comics and the co-creator of Firestorm — and Johnny Ryan, creator of Prison Pit, where cartoonish ultraviolence violence and phallic imagery figure prominently, would both figure prominently in an announcement from a major comics publisher regarding a new superhero property? Neither did we. And we never thought Fantagraphics would be the one bringing it to life. Then again, Fantagraphics has been bringing high-quality surprises for decades, and this latest project, All Time Comics, is creating a bridge between old-time heroic sensibilities, and the most exciting independent creators. It is set to launch with a bang in March 2017.

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Audiobooks were to destroy books but instead, they opened a new world

The turn of the century was approaching, and so was the death of the book. That’s what some were saying in the 1990s, as the Internet became ubiquitous. But in predicting print’s downfall, the prognosticators were 100 years behind the times.

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