Kindles finally get all-text bold. May Amazon catch up with Kobo typography in other ways!

For years, TeleRead begged Amazon to offer all-text boldface for older Kindle fans with fading eyesight and for everyone else who might suffer from contrast-sensitivity issues.

Amazon wouldn’t budge, even after we made Slashdot and even after I published a column in the Baltimore Sun bemoaning the National PTA’s insufficient interest in getting its K-12 partner to shape up on accessibility issues. I focused on AWOL text to speech, but also decried the lack of all-text bold in the “Official E-reader of the National PTA.”

Wednesday, however, Amazon unveiled Ember Bold via Kindle update 5.8.7. Props! Why not write a thank-you note to

You’ll get the boldface upgrade automatically in time if you own a Paperwhite of the 7th Kindle generation or higher, an Oasis or a Voyage. Or via the just-given update link, you can find instructions to upgrade manually—look in the left column for specifics for individual models…

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