How to develop a tribe of your own.


Welcome to the Cow Pasture, Guest Contributor Jean M. Cogdell –

Call it whatever you like, a tribe, crew, gang, group, band, or family.

It doesn’t matter because we all want that feeling of belonging, of contributing. A place where everyone knows our name.

And everyone needs a little help now and then. Even writers and bloggers. That’s where our tribe comes to the rescue.

Everyone needs input, feedback, encouragement, critiques and friends. Yes, we can develop friends via the internet.

These wonderful readers and other bloggers keep us between the lines. Because no writer wants their story to end up in a ditch.

roadImage Source

So where and how do we find our special tribe? Those special people we can count on to tell us what we need to hear?

  • By reaching out one blog at a time and give to others what you desire.
  • Like and comment on…

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