You’re Making A Scene: Writing The Building Blocks Of A Page-Turner

Allison Maruska

Books are made of chapters, and chapters are made of scenes. Those segments of the story are what hold the whole thing together. Write them well, and you have a page-turner. Write them not so well, and…


No writer wants to do that to their readers, so it’s worth figuring out what makes a scene good.

I decided to write this post when I ran across this quote on the interwebs:


I didn’t know who Mike Nichols was at the time, but upon Googling I discovered he was a screenwriter and director. This quote appears on sites related to acting. So he may have been referring to movie scenes, but of course my novelist brain applied the quote to books.

There are lots of posts about how to write a scene in a novel. This one addresses different ways to launch scenes. This one talks about scenes and sequels (which…

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