Stepping back for a bit


I’ve been somewhat absent from my blog for the past couple of weeks. This will continue and actually get a bit worse. I’m trying to finish up my new book and get it out by Thanksgiving. I’m also facing significant demands from my day job and I had to cut back on something to compensate.

My apologies. I hope to be back soon at full speed.

26 thoughts on “Stepping back for a bit

  1. Don, I hope all flows smoothly… A quick interview is when? I m not rushing you at all…it is just that this Sunday, November 13th, I am giving away a number of my ebooks. I thought it might be nice if that info was somehow mentioned in conjunction with my interview. Whatever you decide is fine, of course. I know you are busy and I appreciate everything you do. Onward! Stephen Black

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  2. I was just thinking about you last night and wondering why I hadn’t ‘seen’ you lately! Figured that you, like many of the rest of us, were still shell-shocked from Tuesday. Glad to know you’re working on finishing your book, though … good luck and I look forward to seeing you back again when you can!

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