Three Things To Know About Writers Conferences

Allison Maruska

Yesterday I returned to Colorado after spending five days in sunny and warm Florida, where I got to hang out with these guys:

img_0202 It’s the Writers Off Task With Friends crew all together in person! Or Jenny and Dan, if you’re not our viewer.

And do this thing:

conference-cover It was a lot less Roman than that cover suggests.

It was educational, and I’m not talking solely about what I picked up in the workshops. This was my second writers conference. The first was in Colorado last year, and it was interesting to see the differences between the two events. In considering both, I’ve boiled down the overall writers conference experience into three…lessons, I guess. Definitely things to keep in mind if you’re planning to attend a conference yourself.

Thing 1: Conferences are designed with a specific audience in mind.

The Colorado conference has been around for decades and is…

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