New Kindle models on the way? As much as $50 off E Ink readers for Prime members. But Oasis stays at $290.

Who knows how long the sale will last, but for now you can buy a basic Kindle for $49 ($30 off), Kindle Paperwhite for $90 ($30 less), and a Voyage for $150 ($50 discount) if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Discount happen at checkout.

The basic Kindle’s latest incarnation came out just months ago, but could a new model or models of the Paperwhite or Voyage be on the way? Hard to say. For whatever it’s worth, more of the basics won’t be in stock until October 23; the Voyages, until October 25. Paperwhites will reach you October 12.

Alas, the sale does not include the $290 Oasis, the very machine most in need of it.

Now, if Amazon will only do something about the lack of optional all-text boldface in all E Ink devices! Just now, I heard from a man with cataracts who would be very appreciative of the…

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