Of ebook legal restrictions: We need more FUD

It started with an article on Quartz by Christopher Groskopf, discussing the way digital media has at least partly “destroyed the concept of ownership” with terms of service that sharply limit what you can do with ebooks, digital music, or videos that you buy. I covered the same matter back in May, discussing a study that showed consumers believe they have more rights in digital media than they actually do; Groskopf touches on this study as well.

On the blog of Melville House, that publisher’s Manager of Direct Sales and Library Marketing, Chad Felix, chimes in, agreeing. He cites a test included in the Quartz piece, quizzing readers on what rights they believe they have in the digital media they buy.

The test challenges several consumer assumptions using the prompt “If I purchase this e-book…”

  • I can copy it for my own use
  • I can resell it

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