You Need Mini-Goals to Write Your Novel – Guest Post…

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33548399 - graphical presentation of the working process in five steps with puzzle elementsSource: Free to use image Copyright shalom3 123RF Stock Photo

You are ready to go. You have always wanted to write a novel and can’t wait to get started. You will be producing at least eighty thousand carefully crafted words. It is an enormous challenge and we all have busy lives. That is why so many people start to write a novel but never finish.

Now for some very simple mathematics. Write down your goal and decide how many words you might be able to write each week. Make it realistic, remembering that your family and job may still take up much of your time. Don’t aim to go without sleep, sacrifice exercise or neglect your loved ones.

Work out how long it will you take to reach your goal. That is your finish line, but the race is long and slow and can be frustrating. How can you stay…

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