The Many Doors in a Writer’s Life #Writers #WritersLife #AmWriting



Photo Credit: Upsplash.

Inspiration for this post has come from Helen Jones who blogs atJourney to Ambeth.

I have started reading the first book (Oak and Mist) from Helen’s series ‘The Ambeth Chronicles’ and I am hooked!

At the start of ‘Oak and Mist’ Alma finds a doorway to another world between two trees in her local park and this is where the idea for this post came from.

So, I forced myself to put Helen’s book down for five minutes and started thinking about the many doors in a writer’s life. I don’t know what it is about doors but once you start thinking about them you can’t stop..sigh!

  1. Writing the opening line of a story is like building an imaginary door. Stories are like doors that open and transport the reader off to a different place, world or time.
  2. A painful episode of writer’s block…

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