Show and Tell – The Show vs Tell Debate Critiqued

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A wise man once asked a simple question: “What is water?”

A few people gave their answers. Some said “H2O”. Some said, “A transparent liquid found in lakes, oceans, and seas.” Other’s said, “A chemical substance.”

The man smiled. “None of the above.”

The people’s brow buried deeper into their foreheads and their mouths twitched, “What?”

“Don’t give me the name or what you’ve been told it is made of”, said the man. “Tell me what it is.”


Self-Publishing is a lot like life, there’s a question behind everything we think we know. There’s a lot of advice in the Indie Author community. What if I told you that not all of it was good advice? Or shall I say, not all of it is wise advice. It may be useful advice, but is it wisdom?

First, let’s get everyone up to speed. What is the most talked about…

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