Tracking reader habits using tech: Good or bad for readers and writers?

The number one obstacle any author faces is that of discoverability. How do readers discover their books in a sea of self-published drivel, poorly edited or, worse, not edited at all? If that does not make things tough enough, add in the Kindle Unlimited service and others like it that pay the author by how much of the book the reader reads. Lose their attention by Chapter 2? Not only did you lose a potential reader for your future work, but you lost money. That $2.99 e-book turned into fifteen cents, of which you get five.

No wonder it is tough for writers to make a living. Of course, some try to cheat the system and get their accounts shut down, books pulled from sale, and at worst are banned from publishing on Amazon again. At the same time, publishers and smaller authors are looking for ways to get genuine exposure…

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