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Stephanie Bond on why she credits her success with self-publishing to the hard-knocks she got when she pubbed “traditionally”

Atlanta novelist Stephanie Bond walked away from a corporate career in computer programming to write fiction full-time. After penning dozens of titles for various New York publishers, the prolific author broke ties with NY and launched her own self-publishing venture in 2011. And she hasn’t looked back.

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20160916-2How they plan to help authors win by treating books like startups

There are plenty of perks to self-publishing. You get a lot more control over the way your work is presented. You can also can end up making more money in the long run – e-publishers can take just around 40 percent of sales, much smaller than the 75 percent cut that traditional publishers receive.

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20160916-3Authors beware: scam publishers are charging up to $15k for shoddy work

Local writers are paying bogus publishers between $5000 and $15,000 per book to get their work published.

For that, they receive an e-book and a few poorly edited print copies of their manuscript, according to the New Zealand Society of Authors — and then they are asked to pay more money to market it.

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Write and Sell Kindle e-Books For Fun and Profit

Shocking Revelation: Renowned Author Claims Mainstream Publishers Hide Dirty Little Secret. They Don’t Want New Manuscripts.

MIDDLE ISLAND, N.Y., Sept. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — “True,” says millionaire direct response copywriter, lecturer, and author of over 85 books, Bob Bly. “Most are teetering on the brink. Submissions are only welcome, if they relate to a TV star, rock star, movie star, politician or someone on death row.” “However,” says Bly, “First time authors still have an ‘avenue’ to turn their creative efforts into best sellers,” in the critically-acclaimed e-book “Write & Sell Kindle e-Books For Fun & Profit” at

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20160916-5hog5 Things I Learned About Publishing An #OwnVoices Book With A Latinx Heroine

It was 11:58 PM on July 19, 2015, and in two minutes, my debut novel Hollywood Witch Hunter would officially be in the wild. The release date of your debut novel is a big deal for any author — a realization of a dream about to come true. As a Latinx “Own Voices” author, I found my release day to be especially significant, because Hollywood Witch Hunter is a book with a Latinx heroine, written by a Latinx author, with Latinx model on the cover. Yes, this made the release that much more significant for me, but it also made it much more nerve-racking.

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