When to Use B&W to Convey Mood

Beautiful black and white images.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge


Lago Puelo (Patagonia) Argentina

1/320s @ f/8 ISO 100 @ 70mm

I find myself constantly reaching back to my photographic roots which is black & white photography. In this day of overly vivid, saturated, and over-baked color I find a certain peace in the simplicity of black & white. Don’t get me wrong, I like color as much as the next person, but many photographers today seem to subscribe to the more is better philosophy and I miss the subtleties of moderation. Without color as a distraction the viewer is more concentrated on subject, composition, spatial relationships, texture, and contrast.

The above image of Lago Puelo in middle Patagonia is a case in point. The leading line (detritus) draws the viewer’s eye from the lower right side of the frame to the small person standing at the intersection of the horizon and leading line. This person is only important in…

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