Kobo Aura One manual, with library tips: Ebook search hassles help show need for national digital library systems

If you’re thinking about buying a Kobo Aura one, the awesome 7.8-inch ereader with so many more typographical choices than Kindles, you’d do well to catch up with the manual.

The PDF here includes instructions on Page 48 for OverDrive, biggest service for library e-books, the one that your local library most likely uses.  OverDrive, meanwhile, has posted overlapping advice.

Nate Hoffelder at the Digital Reader reached the same conclusion I did when I first used my Aura One to forage for ebooks from the library system here in Alexandria, Virginia (actually stored on an OverDrive server). You’ll be better off starting with a Web version of your local OverDrive catalog—via your desktop—to identify and check out the titles you want.

Then you just can tap the Sync icon on your Aura One rather than suffer the usual file transfer hassles. Also, browsing within the Web-based catalog, you might…

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