Hugh Howey sees stormy weather coming for major publishers

Hugh Howey minces no words in his latest blog post: as he sees it, big publishing is doomed.

At least, that’s what he sees when he looks at big publishing’s recent behavior (and recent across-the-board growth and revenue declines as reported by Publishers Weekly). And I have to admit, he makes a remarkable amount of sense.

One of the things you hear coming out of publishing every now and then is the claim that book sales are down because they haven’t had a huge hit lately. Yet, isn’t publishing supposed to be in the business of making hits? That’s supposed to be what keeps big publishing in business. If the publishers are admitting that they can’t make hits, what can they do for the authors who are counting on them to do exactly that?

Whatever they tell you they’ll do to make your manuscript a bestseller, they said to thousands…

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