How to add fonts to the Aura One or other Kobo ereaders: Why won’t Amazon let us do this?

You probably know by now. Amazon sadistically won’t let us vary the level of boldness in Kindle fonts—even though certain K-12 kids, many older people, and others could read much better in all-text bold.

As if Amazon hasn’t dissed us enough, we can’t even add our own fonts to the Kindle, bold or not. Why, Amazon, why?

What a contrast to Kobo ereaders! Kobo does not just let us vary the bold level through a slider control—we can even pipe in our favorite fonts from our desktops, laptops, or other devices.

Ahead, step by step, I’ll show you how easy it is to add TrueType fonts to your Aura One or other Kobo. Yes, the new fonts will show up when you read the OverDrive library books. I’ll describe the font-addition procedure for owners of Windows devices, but the same concepts should work fine for other operating systems.

  1. Hook your Kobo up to your Windows machine via the USB cable…

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