TeleRead’s Rx for the Kindle text-to-speech mess—to help blind and sighted alike

What if blind people like David Faucheux, who has written up the text-to-speech botch on Amazon’s new $80 basic model, could enjoy ebooks as easily as the man and girl in the above photo?

Or at least suffer fewer hassles?

Here’s to text to speech—not just for blind booklovers but also for others with disabilities, as well as for exercisers and commuters!

Ahead I’ll tell how Amazon can do TTS the right way for all Kindle users, especially blind people.

I’ll start with the documentation and interface remedies, such as the possible placement of an ear icon on the home screen to help control TTS functions.

Also, I’ll explore the business angles such as Amazon’s ownership of Audible books. That might be one reason why the company has de-emphasized text to speech in recent years (despite TTS’s third-rate version in the new basic Kindle and an audio adapter for current Paperwhite Kindles).

Yes, there are ways for Amazon to provide TTS…

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