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“Self Publish, Be Happy” is a 21st Century Manifesto for Artists & Authors Alike

“Self Publish, Be Happy” is a 21st Century Manifesto for Artists & Authors Alike

With the major advancements in digital technology, self-publishing has returned to the forefront of our cultural consciousness. Over the past decade, self publishing has changed the landscape of the art book, introducing a new and vital means to produce and distribute work independent of the industry and its attendant challenges.

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Self-publishing has never been easier. Photo / Getty Images

Self-publish and be damned happy

The family story you’ve always meant to write, that set of poems you penned as an angst-­ridden teenager and the history of your local sports club – if you think there’s an audience waiting on your words now is the time.

Self-publishing has never been easier – or cheaper – and hundreds of us are taking the opportunity to tell stories that in the past would not have made it past a publisher’s rejection tray. Modern self-publishing – a far cry from vanity publishing – is usually about pursuing a passion a major publishing com­pany wouldn’t dare take a risk on.

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5 Types Of Content You Shouldn't Be Publishing Anymore

5 Types Of Content You Shouldn’t Be Publishing Anymore

If you want to stay relevant in the field of content marketing, you need to constantly refine and update your strategy. “Successful” content needs to fulfill a number of conditions in different areas, all of which are influenced by external variables and change over time. For example, your content should be SEO-friendly, but Google’s standards for search ranking are always evolving. Your content should be valuable to your audience, but your audience’s tastes change with the times.

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New European publishing rules could cost Google and Facebook

New European rules are to be proposed that aim to strengthen the rights of traditional media companies, giving them more power to demand payment from the likes of Google and Facebook.

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Publishing 101: How to get your book published

CapeTalk/702 Eusebius Mackaiser spoke to Thabiso Mahlape, publisher and founder of Blackbird Books about how to get books published.

BlackBird Books is an imprint of Jacana Media and has been in business for a year. BlackBird has published some of the South Africa’s loved book. Among them are the likes of Piggy Boy’s Blues by Nakhane Touré, Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi, Pavement Bookworm by Philani Dladla, Exit!, Grizelda Grootboom, Nwelezelanga by Unathi Magubeni.

Speaking about publishing, Mahlape says not everyone who deems themselves as a writer ought to be published. She says it is a subjective field and tastes differ.

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