Found in Translation: How Amazon is filling a gap in world literature

Chad Post, head of a nonprofit translation press at the University of Rochester, was tallying the number of books translated into English last year when he made a surprising discovery.

Of the 151 presses that published new fiction or poetry in translation in the U.S. in 2015, Amazon’s translation imprint, AmazonCrossing, led with 75 titles, three times more than the next publisher, the nonprofit Dalkey Archive.

Three times!” Post wrote at his Three Percent blog on December 6, 2015. “They make up almost 14 percent of all the translations on their own. That’s incredible.”

Post, who worked in independent bookstores and at the Dalkey Archive before taking his current position at the University of Rochester in 2007, was my guest for this week’s episode of The Kindle Chronicles podcast.

Post is a well-known expert in the world of translations into English, so I was not surprised…

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