How Authors Can Promote On YouTube & Use Patreon by Adam Mulholland

No Wasted Ink


YouTube offers content creators a way of cross-utilizing mediums to enhance and bridge engagement beyond a book. Authors wanting more presence should leverage this platform to reach a larger audience and potentially earn more revenue. I hear calls for help all the time from bloggers, eBook writers, and even published authors that are trying to get their content out to readers. Today, we are a more fractured society in how we promote and consume everything from an article in the dentist waiting room or the late night YouTube binge on Chromecast.

Content creators are rarely able to switch into promotion or sales when all they know is building engaging content. This is the whole reason marketing companies exist, but the power of the internet has given so many the ability to learn how, and for some, prosper. As an author, you have tremendous power with your brand and if you…

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