Respect The Reviewer 2: How to Find, Contact and Stay on the Good Side of Reviewers

Dan Alatorre

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This post originally appeared onhappymeerkatreviews; (emphasis added by me).


Here’s the second Respect the Reviewer article I’ve written (the first can be read here).

This is for all authors out there.

While some tips might be obvious others you may not have thought of, eitherway Ihope some of these tips will help you find a reviewer and go about contacting them the right way.:)

All authors know the importance of getting book reviews. Not only can a good book review encourage others to buy your book but if you get enough of them your book will be listed higher on amazon (or so the rumour goes). But how can authors go about contacting reviewers? And what’s the right or wrong thing to say and do when asking and waiting for a review?

I’ve been reviewing books for some time now and take…

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3 thoughts on “Respect The Reviewer 2: How to Find, Contact and Stay on the Good Side of Reviewers

  1. Hi Don, I would like to ask for your feedback, if I may. I read and review books on my site including Indie books.
    Generally if an Indie book is good I will give it 4 or 5 stars. However, if it is less good or even poor, because it is an Indie book I have been opting NOT to review and grade it. (If the same book was published by a mainline publisher I would have given the book 1, 2 or 3 stars, been quite critical, and made my review public. But for Indie authors I somehow feel more protective.) Do you think this is fair? As an Indie author yourself do you expect book reviewers to treat an Indie author exactly the same as any other author? Even though an Indie author might not have the same resources and their book might not have gone through the same editing and quality control processes as an author published by a major publishing company?

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    • I have a different philosophy. I review indie books with the same criteria that I use for traditionally published books The only difference is, if think the book is three stars or less, I don’t publish the review. Good reviews help indie authors as a collective, but a single bad review can cause irreparable damage. I think indie authors can stand on equal footing in terms of storytelling and quality and I review them with this in mind.

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