Reading the right stuff can make you a better writer

Jean's Writing

This is not “breaking news.”

Every writer understands the importance of reading and keeping, those reference books close by.

However, are you reading the right books or stories?

I know, I know there are only so many hours in the day. cold-156666_640

Yes, there are days when reading or writing is just not in the cards. Yesterday, allergies had my eyes swollen to mere slits so sitting in front of the computer or even reading a book was impossible.

We all have our favorite genres. Me I love YA books. I’m a big Harry Potter and Hunger Games fan. But I also love historical novels like The Outlander Series, or on a cold winter weekend I enjoy a good Steven King that will keep me up all night, but then I’m gonna need a light humorous read like those written by Janet Evanovich to shake out the hee bee jee bees. So…

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