The Great Debate: Outliner vs. Pantser

Anna Dobritt -- Author


The Great Debate: Outliner vs. Pantser

When you sit down to write a book, what sort of writer are you? Which method of writing works for you? Outliner or Pantser?

A pantser sits at the computer or with pen and paper and starts writing. They write until they reach the end. In their mind they see and hear all that’s going on in the story, and faithfully record every word. The dialogue between characters plays in their mind, along with the actions the characters are involved in. When a pantser writes, they have a general idea of the plot, theme, and the acts of their story. Nothing stands between their creativity and what they write down. The pantser doesn’t want to spend their creative time planning their story, they want to start writing.

There is a drawback to being a pantser. When you read through your first draft, you notice…

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