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All you need to know about self publishing

Adithya Iyer dropped out of engineering college in Mumbai, backpacked across India, raised money on a crowdfundingplatform, wrote a book, and then, wasted no time in publishing it himself. He said it was the best decision – The Great Indian Obsession (Notion Press, 2015) sold over 300 copies even before he had written it.

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Picking a Digital Publishing Format

Q. What is the “best” publishing method for digital books? I don’t want my readership to be limited to users who have Apple devices if I use iBooks Author. Is the .pdf format viable?

See the answer to this and other questions HERE:

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Aspiring authors set up their own publishing company

A GLOBAL not-for-profit publishing company has been launched by a group of proactive writing students here in Grimsby.

A group of first-year professional writing students at University Centre Grimsby (UCG) have set up their own publishing company Hammond House Publishing.

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Vancouver crowd-funded kids book teaches that ‘love is greater than cancer’

Alex Duncan was amazed the day 1,000 copies of a cloth-covered children’s book arrived on her Vancouver doorstep two months ago.

The surprise wasn’t their delivery — she had, after all, authored and self-published the book An Army of Hearts.

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Why Books Are the Ultimate Mentors in Life

If you asked me what is my mentor, I could name you at least 20 people that transformed my thinking with their stories, ideas, careers and actions. But if I was forced to choose only one mentor in life, I would choose a book. I’m still fascinated by how much you can change by reading a single book. People who might have been the best mentors in the world are not among us anymore, books carry decades and centuries of knowledge and wisdom. It’s foolish not to read.

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