Dictation for writers: How to pick the right mike for accuracy—and other tips

Speech recognition for non-email purposes has been a mixed bag for me.

I use it, sure, and I’ve done what I could to train my Dragon, but the accuracy is still not good enough despite the claims of Nuance, the maker of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium.

To the rescue, let’s hope, comes Dictate Your Book: How to Write Your Book Faster, Better and Smarter (59 pages and $3 in the Kindle edition and free as a Kindle Unlimited loaner).

For a more detailed guidance for dictators—um, not the Putin type, please—a good choice might be The Productive Author’s Guide to Dictation: Speak Your Way to Higher (and Healthier!) Word Counts (The Productive Author’s Guide to Writing Book 1) by Cindy Grigg. It’s 252 pages long and costs $5 for the Kindle and $10 in paperback.

But here I’ll focus on Dictate Your Book. Author Monica Leonelle (personal Web site here) says she…

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