Author guest post! ‘An ode to a love letter’ by @DavidVidecette; author of ‘The Thesus Paradox’.

The Writing Garnet


Ex-detective turned author David Videcette, author of ‘The Thesus Paradox’, is popping his TWG cherry today! -claps-. What better way to spend your first time on TWG blog than sharing a love letter. Oh yes ladies, David finally gave in to my request and returned to his teenage years of writing love letters. Oh, wait…it wasn’t for ME (sniff, sniff, sniff), it was for….oh heck, I shall go sulk, letter includes sheep and stuff! I jest….ish!

dv2TWG is thrilled to welcome Mr David Videcette and his guest post – An Ode to a Love Letter!


The lovely Kaisha of The Writing Garnet has (jokingly) asked me to write her a love letter. So here goes…

*Googles how to write a love letter.*  

Yes, here we go: ‘Fifteen tips on how to write a love letter’. That’ll do… 

I’ve suddenly realised that I haven’t…

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