Progress Report on New Blogging Strategy

Back on July 22nd, I published a post on the strategy I would be switching to regarding blog posts in terms of frequency and content. You can check that out HERE.

The bottom line is, I went from three original posts per day to one higher quality original post each day. I also selected content type for each day.

With regard to the blogs that I follow, I’ve spread out the reading in 3-4 chunks per day and I’ve become much more selective in my reblogs.

I launched this strategy on Saturday July 23rd and I’ve taken a step back to examine the results. I’m going to do this with pictures.

The first graph shows my metrics for the week before I put this schedule and strategy in place. The 1,369 views and 438 visitors was about average for the weeks preceding this one.


I started to panic when I saw the next week.

metric2 The views were down somewhat, as were the likes and comments. One thing that was intriguing, however, was the increase in the number of visitors. This number went up by nearly 10 percent.

The next week saw something very interesting.


During this week, views, likes and comments shot up to a new level. I actually had my best day ever during this week in terms of views. Additionally, the number of visitors shot up significantly. The current week seems to be on a good pace as well.

I’m sure there are many factors contributing to this. My 20 Questions segments, for instance, see wild variations for some authors. The metric, however, that has me the most excited is the growth in followers. From the day I put this strategy in place to today, I have gained 62 new followers. I hit the 500 mark back on August 3rd and I’m now nearly at 530. I’m sure there is some kind of algorithm that proves the larger your following, the faster you pick up new followers, but I’m encouraged by this.

So far, the new strategy seems to be working. I’m fascinated by analyzing the numbers. Thanks for letting me expose my ‘geekness’.

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