Asus ZenPad tablet: Much better than Fire for this ebook lover

One device in, one device out! After an accident with one of our Android tablets, the Beloved gave me a new mini tablet.

I’d wanted a device I could read and do light gaming on and, most important of all, hold in one hand. Lounging on the couch with a full-size iPad Air had not agreed with my pregnant belly. Small and one-handed. That was the goal.

So why the ZenPad? I had found a refurbished Acer at a discount store for about $80, but reviews on it mentioned an appalling battery life. The ZenPad was new in the box and could be had for $158 CAD (the U.S. price on Amazon is $99). The Beloved felt I would be happier with it and was willing to kick in for my birthday.


The ZenPad is a 7-inch tablet running Android 5.0 with 1GB memory and 16GB storage. More than sufficient for me.

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