Florida Flippancies


I found all these onFB.   So funny!!  This is the realFlorida!

slob, humor, on fireStraight up!

slob, humor, Fl. memeYeah, we have that down here.

slob, humor, Fl. memeBwahahaha!! Thank goodness they only featured the feet!!

slob, humor, Fl. memeOh yeah!! And they climb fences too!!

slob, humor, Fl. memeSad, but true!

slob, humor, Fl. memeI don’t know why not?? Gatorwrestling is so big!!

slob, humor, Fl. memeOh no, my future???

slob, humor, Fl. memeLobster boy!

slob, humor, Fl. memeGo turtle!!

slob, humor, Fl. memeYeah, yeah, that’s the ticket! Kentucky Fry chicken yourself!

And one more for the road….

slob, humor, Fl. memeAhhhh, yes, indeed!

Florida Flippancies to flip (flop) over!

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