Sharing Janet Gogerty’s Great 5* Review of Wake-Robin Ridge

2 thoughts on “Sharing Janet Gogerty’s Great 5* Review of Wake-Robin Ridge

  1. I used to study with a former ten-year editor at “Woman’s World” and a freelance author. The work was trying to get articles published and we almost got an eating disorder fairy tale into Marie Clare. Then they said they’d done back to back eating disorder stories and only ten percent of their readers interested…that was in
    ’07. Anyway, she got a killer deal with traditional publisher, Kensington, for a series of health oriented books. She told me how writers never ever help each other. And to some extent this is true, I mean, I managed to get an ‘insider’ email to submit via third party to Wash post…and then she said help me with NYT once she got in, well that happened but she decided she wasn’t ready to give out emails, even though I wrote book reviews for her on Goodreads and Amazon and she can see my writing. Writers often afraid people will steal their ideas. After all the years this teacher and I worked together….when she got a new deal and I asked her what the new book was gonna be about, she refused to tell me. That left me cold. I think there is room for all of us and our ideas.

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    • I’ve met a lot of traditionally and independently published authors. The traditional authors seem a bit more territorial and less willing to help, in my opinion. They look down their noses at indies even though we go through all of the same steps they do minus the gatekeepers. Indie authors tend to be very helpful, in my experience, and the makes me want to help in return.


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