Mystery Mondays Interview with Miles Lancaster


Today I have the pleasure of introducing Miles Lancaster to my Mystery Monday Interview series. Welcome Miles, please tell us:

Why type of crime fiction do you write and why?

I write cozy mysteries (no graphic violence or sex). I do that because I want everyone to be able to read my books.APieToDieFor

Who is your favourite Detective?

Definitely Sherlock Holmes. That’s probably influenced by the movies and TV show.

Do you plot the entire novel and know who did it before you start, or can that change?

I start with a basic story idea then start writing. The story kinda tells itself once I start writing.

Is there such a thing as cozy in murder mystery?

Absolutely. That’s what I write. You can still get all the mystery elements – you just don’t describe the murder scene in graphic detail.

Do you include humour?

I try to include a…

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