5 Reasons why writers should read

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Writerly Debate #1: To read or not to read

This should not be a debate, but somehow, it has turned into one.

Reading, to me, is essential if you are a writer. If you are not a writer, reading is STILL essential. People who do not read are missing out on beautiful, inspirational, magical worlds. On inspirational human experiences whether fictional or factual (non fiction, memoirs) on knowledge of history, on knowledge of current events, or even pop culture. Sure, we can watch videos and look at pictures now, but have you ever watched a news report and then read the same article accompanying it? Often it will provide more in depth details regarding the story.

But enough of that. Here’s my perspective as a writer on why I read fiction.

#1. I read to learn

I am always analyzing what I read, in terms of the quality of the…

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