Profile: Cindy Dorminy, author of Tuned Into You

Dan Alatorre

Dan-headshot-bw-2 your humble host

My friend Cindy Dorminy pops in to spend a few minutes letting me pimp her new book Tuned Into You.

Cindy allegedly grew up on a steady diet of popcorn (the kind you pop in a “sauce pan”??? what’s that?), Tab (supposedly a pre-Diet Coke beverage), and movies for teenagers.

Quirky dialogue – which I love – is a must in her stories; she can’t let a day go by without quoting a line from one of her favorite films.

When she’s not writing funny love stories, walking her dog, or slinging iron the old-fashioned way, Cindy is at some sort of research coordinator job. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and Music City Romance Writers. She resides in Nashville, TN where live music can be heard everywhere, even at the grocery store.

And on her Facebook page, she has a picture of herself zip lining.

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