Blog Tour! Time to ‘meet’ Turbo the penguin with author of ‘My Last Continent’-Midge Raymond!

The Writing Garnet


Big thank you to Alice for finding me and my blog, and inviting me on this blog tour! I am rather excited about this blog post because I LOVE penguins. Right, stop frowning at the screen! I know you’re probably wondering what a penguin called Turbo has to do with this book, yes? I think I will leave it to the expert, author Midge Raymond, welcome to TWG, and thank you for writing the post for TWG!

Turbo the Penguin: The inspiration behind the character of “Admiral Byrd”

By Midge Raymond 

While My Last Continent is set in Antarctica, one of my inspirations for the novel — and for one of my favorite characters, “Admiral Byrd” — was a penguin from Argentina. 

When I volunteered to help with a penguin census at the Punta Tombo colony in Patagonia, among the thousands of birds I counted, one of them stood…

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