2 Easy Steps To A Massive Blog Tour

Dan Alatorre

Dan-headshot-bw-2 your humble host

My friend Suzanne Rogerson was able to create weeks’ worth of blog tours (aka publicity for her new book) by doing….something. What, though? I had to know. For you, or course, because I love you guys.

So I asked her:

Suzanne, can you send me whatever you posted and blogged to get so many sites to review your book and ask for guest blogs? I’d like to try that!



Her reply was prompt (it’s all pretty much her until it’s me again at the bottom):

Dan, all I did was (1) this blog post;


2015 author photo 2015 author Suzanne Rogerson

Then I (2) retweeted it for a few days using different hashtags like #fantasy #tuesdaybookblog #WWWblogs #readers #bloggers #reviewers. Lots of my followers retweeted as well. Mostly the people that offered to help were bloggers that have previously commented on my posts or I’ve commented on theirs.


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