Writing Tip — 58

Anna Dobritt -- Author


I belong to a number of writing groups on Facebook. I’m sure many of you belong to writing groups as well. What surprises me is how many writers and would-be writers are concerned with how their character should look. I’m here to tell you that their appearance is the least of your concerns. You should concentrate on what motivates your character in the story, what problems does that character have that might hinder their progress to a successful conclusion? What secrets do they have that the antagonist can use against them to further impede their progress?

Now, if a character is unusually tall, short, fat, thin, or has a prominent scar or something, that’s ok to mention. The scar could have been left by a fight, a beating, or an accident they were in. Something that could be used in the story, that might affect how the character behaves or…

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