3 Writing Lessons I’ve (Re-)Learned in the Past Year.

Jason A. Meuschke

As with many things which loom in the ‘near future’ for me, my One-Year Anniversary of blogging on WordPress came and went while I was busy doing something else. Thank you for coming back regularly to check on me and read what I write! After all without you, the reader, I’d be speaking to myself!

IMG_2099I got tired while listening to myself.

It’s crazy how things have changed for me in the past year. Taking the advice of a friend, I started this blog not just as an alternate way to write, but also for getting my voice out there and for accountability. As of my first blog, I’d written in the neighborhood of 2,000+ words of mostly sporadic lines of my novel. Maybe a paragraph or two in places. Most of it was character building. How they related to each other. The main story conflict. The history of the story location and so on…

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