Do you know if you are suffering from brain-drain?

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hello-summer 1281232_640

But Beware of Summer Brain-drain!braindrain

An affliction that slips up on you along with the rising temperatures, humidity,thermometer-153138_640

and buzzing mosquitoes.

mosquito blood-158837_640You may not notice it at first. Your brain cells and ideas drain away slowly when you decide to take a few days to welcome the sun and blue skies.sun-151763_640

Next, you’ll decide to skip a day of writing or blogging. I mean one day won’t hurt, or even a couple. Right? But before long a week has passed, you’ve forgotten a much-needed password and discover your muse is missing. You’ve developed foggy brain and reached the summer danger zone.

How do you combat this affliction , and survive until fall?

The cure for brain-drain can be done as you enjoy the summer.

  • Read good books. Notice the plural. One won’t get the job done.
  • Write. Write every day, even if it’s just fifty words. The writing doesn’t have…

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