Self-Publishing Tip — 12

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Where are the Reviews?

This has been bothering me for quite some time. Why don’t people who have read an author’s book not leave a review? Even a few words like I loved it or I hated it. Yet, they spend so much time posting on FB or texting their friends and coworkers. Reviews for books are important feedback for a writer, even negative ones. We aren’t asking for a detailed analysis of the writing.

Did you like the story?

Did you hate it?

Did you like the characters?

Did you come across any errors?

Did you find the story hard to follow?

Would you recommend it to other readers?

Feedback by answering these questions helps the writer in their future books.

Don’t be shy and leave a review. It means a great deal to writers, especially those of us who are Indies. I’ve done the free giveaways on Amazon and…

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