Book Review: There is No Right Way to Meditate and Other Lessons by Yumi Sakugawa

Put it in Writing

No right way to meditate

Genre: Graphic, Non-Fiction, Self help

This is a life-saver, a light-sabre, and a self-love-sayer of a book.

I first heard about this book on Henry Chamberlain’s Comics Grinderblog when he reviewed it here last November. And it was what Henry said about it that encouraged me to get my own copy.

I’m a fan of meditation and have found it to be a bit of a lifesaver in times of serious physical illness, and when coping with anxiety and depression. It has also proved to be a good way of coping with all the everyday challenges and strains too. And for me meditating can be anything from the full on lying down in a quiet room variety to the thirty seconds grabbed in the midst of stress to just focus on breathing. I do what works according to the situation and time available and according to how I’m feeling. For me…

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