9 Writing Rules Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors Should Break #amwriting #scifi

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In the sci-fi / fantasy genre, there are many spoken and unspoken rules of what makes a great book. I have picked my favourite 9 rules from the article:  10 Writing “Rules” We Wish More Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Would Break. I love that every example where they have broken the rule has produced a fantastic book. So, be brave writers!

1. No third-person omniscient. Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is a classic example of how to get this right.

2. No prologues. My own book as a prologue and I only added it in later. Both my husband and my editor agreed it was a great addition, but it still makes me a little nervous as I know it can put many readers off. George R.R. Martin starts all the Song of Ice and Fire books with a prologue. They set the scene for later book conflicts via a…

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1 thought on “9 Writing Rules Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors Should Break #amwriting #scifi

  1. All rules are made to be broken, the old saw goes. Had to laugh when I got to the rule discussing hard fiction and physics, and the purists. My husband is of the purist mentality and harshly critiques any book that gets the science wrong (based on what is known in the fields at this moment, all of which has to be backed by “accepted research”). We argue a lot about research that has not yet “proven” itself. Unfortunately, he misses a lot of excellent books because of his attitude. Also unfortunately, some hot-shot old school science fiction writers seek his approval, and he’s not even famous!

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