Writing: To Describe, or Not to Describe?


esther newton writing-humor      AS WRITER’S WE all have weaknesses and one of the aims in honing the craft is to strengthen them until they are as polished as possible.

The weakest link metaphor is very pertinent in writing, mainly because it seems every writer I have ever read, and every book I have read has weaknesses, although some writer’s deficits are still superior to many other’s strengths. Books are such a different medium to audio or visual arts. We look across the text with searching eyes, every error, every lull in the action is processed. It’s about as intimate as it gets. And every sentence full of life, with meaning, and imagery can stick in the mind long after the covers close.

Generally I love good description – hardly an earth shattering statement to startle Atlas. In a book, with only words to guide they are crucial. But overly descriptive text is…

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